The story of Rastelli isn’t about food so much as it is about our passion for great food. Food you can feel good about eating. Good about buying. Good about serving to your family.

Our passion for great food began in 1975 when Ray Rastelli, Jr. opened a butcher shop called the Meat Stop in Deptford, NJ. He loved bringing quality meat to Deptford-area families so much, within a few years his brother Tony joined him and opened a second Meat Stop, and together they went on to open a total of eight more around South Jersey. Together with their families, they transformed the stores into a growing business that allows them to serve the same great, quality products to families around the country.

Today, we’re still passionate about food, committed to excellence, and family owned and operated. We believe in hard work and doing things the right way. Above all, we respect the trust that you put in us to bring only the best food to your table. Everything we do and every decision we make begins with the intention of earning that trust. Your 100-percent satisfaction is not simply a goal; it is a promise we make to ourselves and to you—our customers. And, a daily affirmation that everything we do is “For the love of great food.”

Rastelli Market Fresh, formerly known as Rastelli’s Meat Stop, is our retail grocery concept—a food-lover’s haven packed with all the essentials and premium products you need to prepare delicious family meals, stock your pantry, host an impromptu dinner party or simply grab and go.

A mainstay in the South Jersey community for more than three decades, the recently renovated Rastelli Market Fresh in Deptford continues to offer a large selection of gourmet meats, fresh seafood, chef-prepared meals and groceries. Growing demand inspired the 2014 opening of a second, 35,000 square-foot location in Marlton. In addition to the gourmet meats and fresh seafood that Rastelli Market Fresh has become known for, the Marlton location also offers a variety of local produce, an international assortment of made-to-order meals, a brick oven pizzeria, a full selection of wine and specialty brews, a juice bar, coffee bar, artisan bakery and salad bar, and a café/lounge with indoor and outdoor seating where you can sit and enjoy it all.

Rastelli Foods Group is a world-class provider of fine foods—top-quality beef, pork, veal, lamb, poultry and game, as well as a full line of kitchen-ready foods—for use in the evolving commercial, non-commercial and retail foodservice markets.

At the epicenter of food management since 1976, our operation began with a single retail location and has expanded to include two high-quality facilities, one for processing and one for distribution, that are USDA-inspected and have earned a Level 3 Safe Quality Food rating. Today, we set the standard in quality, cleanliness and safety from each of our facilities. We take ownership of the production process, hand trimming, processing, packing and shipping our meats in state-of-the-art facilities that allow for increased safety and quality control. Through direct ownership or proprietary partnership, we also select the finest branded products for our customers, and we carefully monitor quality throughout all of the steps needed to fulfill their orders.

We specialize in providing efficient, cost-effective and high-quality food services to our clients that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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A leader in domestic and international foodservice trade and export, Rastelli Global serves as both a manufacturer and a worldwide consolidator of food products and many nationally recognized brands for air and sea freight. The Rastelli Global business unit represents our portfolio in some 88 countries; managing and processing countless custom critical orders on a daily basis for our international clientele.

The Rastelli Global management team has more than 35 years of experience in product export with decades of experience in logistics, information technology, linguistics, and customer service. Our international expertise has afforded Rastelli Global exclusive export and consolidation agreements with many Fortune 500 companies and the ability to source almost any U.S.-produced food item.

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A valued resource for restaurateurs, top chefs and retail partners, Rastelli Seafood provides the finest finfish, shellfish and chef-prepared seafood entrees for today's evolving commercial and non-commercial foodservice market.

Our top-quality seafood starts with sourcing in our own backyard and expands globally to maintain a steady supply of wild caught and marine raised seafood, as well as sustainably raised seafood. Our access to local ports and relationships with commercial vessels allow us to be first to market when a regional species season opens. We also source products directly from fisheries around the world. Additionally, all our seafood comes from safe and licensed commercial vessels and ports species and is traceable back to the vessel. And no matter what body of water it comes from, all of our seafood is processed in our New Jersey facilities, which are USDA-certified and Safe Quality Food Level 3-certified for shellfish and finfish.

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We’re not your typical grocery or online retailer. At Rastelli, we do things, well, different. For starters, we’re a family owned and operated business; so everything we do, we do with you and your family in mind. We've always believed in hard work and doing things the right way, and we respect the trust that you put in us to bring only the best food to your table. All of which is why we carefully manage the products we sell every step of the way; from farm to table. It’s why our meats and seafood are raised and sourced in only the most humane and sustainable ways, ensuring uncompromising quality. It’s why we spend countless hours carefully curating and sourcing only the most unique and highest quality pantry products. It’s why we roast our own coffee here in our stores. Yeah, we’re that committed to bringing you food you can feel great about serving your friends and family. And it’s because of our commitment to you that we can guarantee food safety and exceptional taste for all of our products. Everything we do, we do with you and your family in mind. We’ll go to any lengths necessary “For the love of great food”. That’s the Rastelli Difference. 

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