A valued resource for restaurateurs, top chefs and retail partners, Rastelli Seafood provides the finest finfish, shellfish and chef-prepared seafood entrees for today's evolving commercial and non-commercial foodservice market.

Our top-quality seafood starts with sourcing in our own backyard and expands globally to maintain a steady supply of wild caught and marine raised seafood, as well as sustainably raised seafood. Our access to local ports and relationships with commercial vessels allow us to be first to market when a regional species season opens. We also source products directly from fisheries around the world. Additionally, all our seafood comes from safe and licensed commercial vessels and ports species and is traceable back to the vessel. And no matter what body of water it comes from, all of our seafood is processed in our New Jersey facilities, which are USDA-certified and Safe Quality Food Level 3-certified for shellfish and finfish.

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