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Prized by top chefs and gourmet home cooks around the world, Wagyu is well marbled and extremely tender with a delicate beef flavor.

When you crave the succulent steaks and burgers that have a unique taste you can’t find anywhere else, you’ll want our Wagyu. This is beef from Japanese Wagyu cattle, a native Asian horned breed originally selected for its high level of intra-muscular fat cells (aka marbling), and prized by top chefs and gourmet home cooks around the world for producing beef that is well-marbled and extremely tender with a delicate beef flavor.

Wagyu is not only delicious, but it’s healthier, too. Health experts have found that Wagyu beef possesses a ratio of mono-saturated to saturated fat that is better than in other beef, and has a higher level of a beneficial fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Our Wagyu beef starts with Wagyu cattle that are naturally raised using stringent breeding and dietary practices by select ranchers in Australia. That means our cattle are fed the traditional Japanese diet of natural corn, alfalfa, barely and wheat straw, and no hormones, growth promoters or antibiotics are used—ever. The beef is then hand-trimmed and perfectly portioned by our trained butchers at our state-of-the-art, USDA certified processing facility. Then we flash freeze an individually seal the beef so you can enjoy it at the peak of perfection for up to 12 months. The result is an intensely marbled beef with a delicate flavor that is famous the world over.

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