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Upgrade Your Lunch Plans with Grocery Curbside Pickup

Upgrade Your Lunch Plans with Grocery Curbside Pickup

As we begin to return to the doldrums of office life, it’s easy to fall back into the habit of ordering fast food for lunch. Although it may not be the best food for us, many turn to fast food as a means to an end. There’s a deadline approaching and that means that time to eat is limited. Fortunately, for those in the greater Marlton area, Rastelli Fresh Market has healthy and high-quality options.

On the homepage of our website is a link to our Market Fresh Curbside Café. By simply taking one minute to create an account, you can unlock a world of options for lunch. The best part is you get to determine the grocery curbside pickup time, so you can order well in advance and our team will have your lunch waiting for you when you arrive. Let’s take a look at some of our mouthwatering lunch options.

For starters, we have chopped and tossed salads. Our signature salads include:

  • Greek Salad
  • Chipotle Southwest
  • Market Fresh Cobb
  • Toasted Almond & Mixed Berry
  • Classic Cesar
  • Create Your Own

Our signature salads are available daily and 50% off on Mondays. Not only can you eat better with Rastelli Market Fresh, but you can also save more.  The savings go far past our salad options. Our hot wok offerings are a fan favorite.

Our signature hot wok offerings include:

  • Spicy Garlic Chicken
  • Chicken Pad Thai
  • Sweet & Sour BBQ Pork
  • Thai Peanut Shrimp
  • Sesame Garlic Beef
  • General Tso’s Chicken
  • Create Your Own

These enticing specialties are sure to keep you full for the afternoon ahead. Once again, the savings are paired with the awesome flavors. Our Hot Wok dishes are available daily, but 50% off every Wednesday.

You can also check out our fresh-made craftiwch sandwiches, taqueria and grill stations for additional delicious made-to order-options!

We also have grab and go meals prepped and ready that just need to be reheated in the microwave or oven. Some of our customer favorites include our chicken parmesan, meatloaf and our turkey meal.  We offer many of these grab and go meals as individual meals or family size.

For those looking to gain brownie points in the workplace, we suggest ordering pizza hot out of our brick oven . You can find everything from specialty pizzas, like cheesesteak and buffalo chicken to freshly made Stromboli. Those looking to host a meeting will often turn to Rastelli Market Fresh for multiple pizzas to ensure everyone is well-fed and happy for the big presentation.

As you can probably tell by now – you have plenty of dining options with Rastelli Market Fresh. All of our lunches make for great dinners too! Whether you’re working late or just need to bring something home for the family to enjoy, our curbside pickup makes it easier than ever to enjoy a high-quality meal.

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