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We may have started out as butchers, but with over four decades in the food business we also know seafood—what’s good to eat, what’s good for the environment, and what you can feel good about serving at your table.

Whether it’s finfish such as Scottish salmon, Ahi tuna or Pacific cod, or shellfish such as Brazilian lobster tails, scallops or mussels, we believe great seafood—just like great meat—starts with knowing where it comes from. At Rastelli, we manage the entire process of delivering superior seafood from the ocean to your table.

We work closely with select responsible fisheries—both local and international—to provide wild-caught and sustainable seafood that adheres to our strict standards, ensuring humane treatment, fishery-to-family traceability, and uncompromising taste and quality. Our wild-caught seafood is caught in its natural environment by fisherman, while our sustainable seafood, like our Faroe Island Salmon, is raised by eco-friendly fisheries in pens with free flowing water in its natural environment and fed an all-natural diet. And, all of our sustainable seafood has the distinction of being Best Aquacultural Practices (BAP) certified.

No matter how it’s caught or raised, all of our seafood is handled and blast frozen to lock in freshness by our fishmongers in our state-of-the-art USDA-certified facility. Our innovative food packaging gives our seafood products a longer shelf life so you can enjoy the freshest fruits of the sea any time. Seafood doesn’t get any better than this—unless you catch it yourself.